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The Red Stains - TV Static

TV Static by The Red Stains is "a satirical yet desperate outlook of the analogue world around us; Which contains graphic scenes and themes of violent mental breakdowns, ruining your life, regretting everything, having nothing to lose and drinking turpentine to get through the week".

That all sounds a bit worrying, but the song itself starts calmly enough with some rattling percussion ala early Adam & The Antz, but then picks up momentum with a few fun nods to old school punk and some rather charmingly madcap vocals. The Red Stains say the track is "all processed like a post-punk ready meal for the dystopian digital age".

The Manchester four-piece formed in 2019 and create a vibrant disco-punk hybrid, using their penchant for the kitsch and tacky as a weapon to push against the male-dominated music industry. They certainly look like trouble in their photos, but that's maybe exactly how they should be. Having already released a handful of well-received singles, they say that "their sharp and sarcastic lyrics hold a mirror up to domestic everyday life: consumerism, mental illness, public transport, discount supermarkets and being queer."

Having tasted this, their latest punk pinger, I think we should all start stocking up. I'm already hungry for more!